About Us

Pacer USA LLC is a specialist supplier of optoelectronic, display and laser solutions. We offer a wide range of opto components, sensors, detectors, laser components and systems, information displays, optics and acousto optics, cameras and spectrometers. We have well established supply partnerships with world-leading manufacturers, and we also offer a range of own-brand displays.

As well as sourcing standard components, we offer custom displays and assemblies, and design and build services if you are seeking a complete outsourced solution.

The headquarters of Pacer USA LLC is in Florida. Pacer USA LLC is a subsidiary of Pacer International, headquartered in Pangbourne, Berkshire, UK. The Pacer Design Centre is located in Weymouth, UK, and Pacer has a worldwide network of manufacturing partners.

Pacer International is the name used by Pacer Components Ltd, registered in England under company number 02448361. Our registered address is 29 Welbeck Street, London W1M 8DA.