Display Screen For High End AV Mixing Desk

Our customer was developing a new high end mixing desk to be used for outdoor events. This was a high end, high value product which demanded the very best in screen performance and reliability in outdoor conditions.

Requirements for the display included:

* The screen had to be sunlight readable and capable of withstanding a wide temperature range

* An excellent 6 o’clock viewing angle was required

* Custom interfacing

* Multi touch projected capacitive touch screen

* Longevity of supply had to be guaranteed for 5-7 years.

Pacer advised on a display which met all of the above requirements, and we also developed an innovative manufacturing method of using cameras to align these high end screens. We are able to optically bond the touchscreen to the TFT so that no dust ingress occurs; this also has the benefit of enhancing the durability and ruggedness of the screen and results in even better visibility in sunlight.

We took the design, from conception to a fully Pacer manufactured product at our Weymouth facility.