Phototherapeutic Mask

The patented lightfusion photofacial system is a proven phototherapy treatment which energises skin cells, rejuvenates skin and helps to promote collagen and elastin which are essential for the fight against the aging process. The lightfusion system is a professional grade light emitting diode device for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles and pigmented skin The lightfusion phototherapy mask incorporates LED devices that deliver an optimized and controlled level of red and near infra-red light, essential in boosting cellular processes and promoting healthier skin. The light emitted is red at 633nm+/-5nm, and NIR at 830nm+/-5nm. The small portable controller unit launches the treatment cycle at the touch of a button. The lightfusion™ LED is a new cost effective way to deliver advanced, non-invasive photofacials in a matter of minutes.

Pacer took lightfusion’s base design and applied “design for manufacture” processes, transforming it into a product that could be reliably produced in high volume. Pacer created new firmware and circuit board layout for this novel LED device