Our Optoelectronic Components portfolio is all about the emission, detection, sensing and switching of light.

Specialists in optoelectronic, photonic, laser and display technologies, we are uniquely placed to help you find a solution to your design requirements. Our case studies give further insight into how we work with customers in all sectors.

Your Design Partner

By working with Pacer, you will benefit from our knowledge of our extensive optoelectronics components portfolio – but there will be occasions when a suitable off-the-shelf solution is not available. We build on our broad component knowledge to solve your design challenges, offering full customisation of optoelectronic components and assemblies to meet individual requirements.

Thermopiles, arrays and pyrodetectors for thermometry, gas sensing, safety controls, movement detection
High performance, high stability laser systems and modules
Silicon and InGaAs APDs and PIN photodiodes, quadrant detectors, IR detectors and MWIR detectors.
UV and IR light sources for industrial applications
High performance solutions for extremely low light level detection and single photon counting.

Portfolio of laser range finding components including powerful, embeddable LRF modules

Light sensors, IR switches, photodiodes, phototransistors and optocouplers
Imaging and arrays, optics, X-Ray detectors, APD controllers, optical communications and fibre laser components