UVC LEDs for OEM Applications

The high performance Optan UVC LED range from Crystal IS includes TO-39 ball lens and TO-39 flat window variants. Optan, developed on proprietary AlN (aluminium nitride) substrates and cutting-edge LED fabrication technology, offers the highest light output and the longest lifetimes of any UVC LED.

Available in wavelengths from 250nm – 280nm, Optan is ideal for environmental monitoring and many life science applications. Optan is a perfect light source for spectroscopy - the excellent spectral quality of the LEDs maximizes measurement accuracy and sensitivity in absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy. Instrument manufacturers can leverage LED benefits and lower system costs by replacing UV lamps with Optan.

The advantages of UVC LEDs in analytical instruments include small footprint, lower system cost and lower cost of ownership. Continuous real-time monitoring is enabled by long product life and duty cycle use. Higher sensitivity and lower noise result in better information.

Hydrocarbon monitoring in water is of growing importance near oil platforms, marinas and spill-affected waters. UVC LEDs can be designed into realtime monitoring systems

Optan Ball Lens Optan TO-39 ball lens - Built-in lens provides light focus, reduces assembly cost and parts count
Optan Flat Window Optan TO-39 flat window - Greater tolerance in alignment with fiber. Light source & electronics can be isolated from flow cell