Qioptiq Lasers

Qioptiq’s high performance lasers are developed for the highest reliability and with the most demanding applications in mind. The range includes diode lasers and solid state lasers. All diode laser modules are guaranteed for long lifetime and deliver exceptional long term power stability with low amplitude noise. Free space and fibre coupled options are available.

Qioptiq laser modules are small in size, with integrated smart electronics and TEC temperature stabilised control. Easy to deploy, Qioptiq's rugged Plug & Play solid state laser solutions are designed with repeatable and accurate beam alignment for ease of integration during manufacture and ease of replacement during service.

The Qioptiq lasers range includes 2-line and multi-line laser engines, which offer multiple lasers combined into one unit and all wavelengths delivered in a co-linear beam via a single-mode polarization-maintaining kineFLEX fiber output.

If you are looking for a high stability laser or high performance laser for your application, Qioptiq lasers are an excellent choice.

Applications benefitting from the features of the iFLEX-iRIS include flow cytometry, microscopy, dynamic light scattering, high-throughput screening and surface inspection metrology.


The iFLEX-Gemini is an ideal solid-state replacement for bulky gas lasers such as Argon-Ion and Argon-Krypton. This compact laser engine (10x smaller than the average multi-line Argon-Ion laser) has two independently controlled low noise lasers, with both wavelengths combined in one co-axial output beam. The robust opto-mechanical design means no laser re-alignment is required. Easy to integrate in instruments and to use in a laboratory, it offers great design flexibility, since each wavelength can be individually adjusted for output power and modulation repetition rate. It has no toxic gas risk, and no water cooling or fans are required.


Designed to meet the challenges of high-resolution imaging systems, the iFLEX-iRIS from Qioptiq is an excellent stabilised low noise diode laser source in a miniaturised footprint. Long-term power stability, very low noise and reliable performance are maintained throughout the product lifetime by automatic closed loop control.


With the Qioptiq iFLEX-iRIS fibre delivery systems, increased freedom of design and ease of servicing is offered with the detachable kineFLEX® singlemode polarisation maintaining fibre in combination with the unique kineMATIX (R) manipulator. Fibre may be selected with an order or fitted by customers as a later upgrade option, to iFLEX-iRIS lasers with a centralised output beam. This detachable fibre delivers true “Plug & Play” design freedom and excellent beam quality.


The iFLEX-Viper™ is a solid-state multi-line laser source with detachable single-mode polarisation maintaining fibre output. Up to five individual lasers are efficiently combined and delivered through one SM PM fibre. The system is mode-hop free and wavelength stabilised as a direct result of active temperature control. Automatic closed loop control ensures excellent long term power stability and lowest noise.