HMI Multi Touch Panel PCs

Winmate's line of multi-touch panel PCs enhances the standard industrial panel computer range with elegant and edge-to-edge designs, rugged construction, powerful performance, and flexible mounting options. Multi touch panel PCs suit factory or building automation, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), point-of-information kiosks, hospitality, or air traffic control.

NEW from Winmate are the Android Arm-based 15.6-inch W15RK3S-PTA3 and 15-inch R15RK3S-PTC3 - Sleek, elegant design with ultra low power consumption for building or industrial automation, retail or enterprise environments.

The new multi-touch HMI series supports the latest PoE standard IEEE 802.3at 25W power input, making this an ideal solution for companies looking to increase their operational efficiencies, reduce expensive cabling costs and power consumption.

Sizes range from 4.3 inch to 21.5 inch - contact us if you can't see what you need..

W15RK3S-PTA3 Winmate PT-Series Chassis HMI Multitouch Panel PC
  • CPU: Arm Cortex-A72 + Cortex-A53 Processor
  • Diagonal Size: 15.6 inch wide
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
R15RK3S-PTC3 Winmate PT-Series Chassis HMI Multitouch Panel PC
  • CPU: Arm Cortex-A72 + Cortex-A53 Processor
  • Diagonal Size: 15 inch wide
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768
S-series HMI provide visible benefits for process automation. Integrated wireless communication technologies allow real-time communication between many connected units. Panel PC, displays and many HMI can be controlled at the same time and work as united system. Running either on Freescale or Bay Trial processors S-series HMI support application software integration that can bring process visualization to the new level.
E-series HMI - Winmate continues developing new generation of Human Machine Interfacesfor Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT). Our E-Series HMI runs on Android 4.4 / Linux or Windows operating systems that allows installing the latest applications (APPs). Thereby wide customization possibilitiesare available to satisfy the needs of industrial automation.There are two USB 2.0 onboard to connect mouse or keyboard, and micro SD card for data logging, backup or data storage. 1 GB system memory ensures stable operation of applications. With mounting clips for panel mounting there is no need to drill holes in a fixture. This saves you the time for mounting and guarantee aesthetic look of the wall after the unit gets removed.
M-Series HMI is designed to provide versatile and cost-effective solution for your industrial needs. P-cap multi-touch screen equipped with industrial motherboard offers various input/ output connectors. Intel® Atom™ or Intel® Core™ i5 processors onboard with fanless cooling system assure steady performance and silent functioning. M-Series HMI perfectly fits in applications where total costs of ownership (TCO) and quick recovery of failure is important. The flexible system design provides easy access to components and can be serviced by local maintenance team. Versatile, easy-to-service and upgradable M-Series HMI is the best solution for industrial automation.
Winmate P-Cap Series is a multi-touch series with a high degree of accuracy, crystal clear resolution and exquisite design. P-Cap Series transforms the way you deal with the information around you. It enables you to communicate, present, comprehend and interpret abundant data in an entirely new, hands-on way. It’s also ideal for both presentations and creative, collaborative multi-user environments.
Avalue multi touch PCAP Panel PC