Electroluminescent Displays

Pacer offers the Lumineq range of Electroluminescent (TFEL) display panels, designed for use in a variety of applications including industrial, retail, military, aerospace and medical. EL displays are built for demanding conditions including cold, heat, wind, dust, vibration, sunlight and even G-Forces. These electroluminescent panels retain more than 75% of their original brightness after more than 100,000 hours of operation, making them ideal for a long term design.

The technology offers unparalleled image quality in a wide range of challenging visual conditions and applications. The rugged nature of electroluminescent means that the EL panels can work between -40 ~ +80 °C. EL panels offer high brightness and contrast with a wide viewing angle of >160 degrees, as well as fast response time, small package sizes and low EMI emissions with reduced power consumption.

Pacer also offers a range of product enhancements, such as custom bezels, touchscreens, antiglare filters and custom driver cards to assist your design.

ELT-15S TASEL Demonstrator
  • Brightness: 300 per m2
  • Diagonal Size: 3
  • Interface:
  • Resolution: Icons
  • Brightness: 80 per m2
  • Diagonal Size: 10.0
  • Interface: 2 bit LCD
  • Operating Temp: 0 to +40 ?C
  • Resolution: 256 x 120