Preparedness for Brexit

The UK Government and the European Union have now concluded their negotiations for the post Brexit trade agreements. 

The exit of the UK from the European Union has resulted in some reporting and VAT changes. These changes will be transparent to our customers. Pacer Components has taken the necessary actions to ensure that all changes to the VAT regulations have been accommodated and any legally required commercial reporting requirements are already in place.

It has been widely reported that there are now additional paperwork requirements for products moving between the UK and the EU. Pacer Components has already taken steps to ensure that this paperwork is in place. In reality, the additional paperwork burden is similar to that required for any overseas trade with companies outside of the EU. Pacer Components is well practised in the preparation of such paperwork.

It has also been widely reported that there may be transport delays as a result of product being held in customs. Apart from ensuring that all paperwork is properly presented and all product properly declared, Pacer Components has taken the additional step of increasing the buffer stocks held to ensure continuity of supply to our customer base both in the UK and the EU.

In short, we do not anticipate any interruption to our business with our EU based customers caused by the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations.

If you have any concerns that have not been addressed here, then please contact your local representative or internal sales co-ordinator. We will of course attempt to address your concerns in a timely manner.

John Macmichael, Managing Director.