Coronavirus 200320

As with every other business in the US, Pacer Components is putting the health and wellbeing of its staff and their families at the forefront of our response to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are however cognisant of the fact that businesses need to keep running in order to avoid hardship not only to our own staff but to the staff and families of our customers and suppliers.

At Pacer we reacted early to the outbreak and where possible we have equipped our staff to work from home. Currently approximately 70% of our staff are home working. We have tested our systems to ensure that staff can access everything they need remotely to keep the business running; we have increased our remote access software licenses, extended our insurance cover and health and safety surveys and provided wellbeing support.

Our warehouse and manufacturing centre remain open and we are still shipping product. We have taken steps to ensure that at any time we have fully trained warehouse staff in isolation so that they can come back in if the need arises. We have cross trained our staff in various areas of the business so that we can cover all essential functions including the warehouse operations. From a customer service point of view, we believe that these changes should be transparent to both our customers and our suppliers. It is, as far as possible, business as usual albeit that we are working under very different conditions.

Until the government tells us otherwise we will continue to keep the business running whilst protecting our staff.

For our supplier base these are very difficult times; transportation costs are rising daily and the exchange rate is having an immediate impact. Our suppliers are based all over the world and consequently the situation for each one is different. If you wish to know the status of a particular order then please call your normal contact. Our internal sales team will be able to tell you the current situation. Where possible, if we know of significant delays we will endeavour to call you and let you know.

Nearly all of our suppliers have regular updates on their own web sites; we have not attempted to duplicate that information here but would encourage you to check the relevant web site if you have a specific concern.

Please don’t forget that we are still here to help you and we intend to keep running the business, safely, during this very difficult period.

Finally, and most importantly we hope that you and your families remain well.

Wishing you all the best.

John Macmichael

Managing Director