Pacer Supplies COVID-19 Face Shields

The call went out recently for companies with access to 3D printers to assist in the supply of the protective face shields so badly needed by our health workers and other frontline staff in this time of crisis.

In response to the acute shortage of protective wear for medical personnel, Czech 3D printer supplier Prusa quickly developed an open-source face shield design, and made it available to anyone with a 3D printer. The shields are produced from easily accessible and inexpensive materials, and can help anyone in the community who comes into contact with many other people – first responders, carers, police, firefighters, dentists and shop staff as well as medical professionals in the healthcare sector.

Pacer’s Jon Beeching, Manager of our Weymouth Custom Solutions Centre, arranged for materials to be sourced and design files for the frame of the face shield to be loaded, and production began in early April. The elastic headstrap and clear face shield are separately made, and our partner Solid Print3D is coordinating sterilisation, assembly and shipment of the complete shields kits.

Pacer’s first mask frame shipment left our Weymouth manufacturing facility on 15th April, and production will now continue for as long as this vital equipment is needed. The face shields are already making their way to hospitals, GP surgeries, hospices and care homes all over the country.

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