Calipile from Excelitas

Excelitas recently introduced its CaliPile Sensor Family. This unique, multi-purpose infrared sensor performs in three distinct operation modes: motion detection, presence detection and temperature measurement. CaliPile represents a new type of intelligent IR sensor that incorporates highly-sensitive infrared detectors and associated electronic circuitry.

With selectable frequency filters and levels that allow users to choose different operation modes, CaliPile offers maximum flexibility for motion detection, presence detection and temperature measurement. Built with an integrated filter, CaliPile sensors can work without the need for additional lenses. Selectable registers enable users to set the product into one of the three major operation modes, each of which can be set into individual use cases to achieve custom operations.

The CaliPile receives calibration data to support temperature-related processing and output. 

Applications for the CaliPile Series include short-range presence detection, non-contact temperature measurement and overheating protection. It will be useful for smart-home product designers, lighting and printer manufacturers, and general industry users.