Crystal IS UVC LEDs

Crystal IS, an Asahi Kasei company, is an innovative U.S.-based manufacturer of proprietary, high-performance ultraviolet (UVC) LEDs. Crystal IS products are well-suited for purification and sterilization in a variety of applications, including industrial and point-of-use (POU) water purification. Crystal IS UVC LEDs are also used in scientific and industrial instruments to measure the purity of water, air, surfaces and biological samples.

The performance and design flexibility that Crystal IS provide brings new possibilities for customers to create products that enhance and sustain life. Through their partnership with these customers, they are transforming purification and monitoring processes around the world.

Optan, developed on proprietary AlN (aluminium nitride) substrates and cutting-edge LED fabrication technology, offers the highest light output and the longest lifetimes of any UVC LED. Available in wavelengths from 250nm – 280nm, Optan is ideal for environmental monitoring and many life science applications. Optan is a perfect light source for spectroscopy - the excellent spectral quality of the LEDs maximizes measurement accuracy and sensitivity in absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy. Instrument manufacturers can leverage LED benefits and lower system costs by replacing UV lamps with Optan.