LED Engin

LED Engin, Inc. develops, manufactures and sells advanced LED emitters, optics components and light source modules in a unique, high-lumen density, compact, multi-die package. The high power density and small size of LED Engin emitters enables flexible, innovative solid-state lighting solutions for a wide range of applications.

LED Engin offers 1-, 4-, 9-, 12- and 24-die emitter products with highest efficacies in smallest packages providing industry leading flux densities (lm/mm2). LED Engin's color offerings consist of red, deep red, far red, green, blue, amber, dental blue and white in the visible range and ultra violet (365nm and 400nm) and infrared (850nm) in the non-visible range. The multi-chip packages are also available with multi color / wavelength options such as RGB, RGBA or Dental Blue & UV. Every die is individually addressable for a maximum of design flexibility.