Mitsubishi Electric

Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) modules by Mitsubishi Electric are built for a wide variety of industrial uses, such as for measuring instruments, automatic teller machines (ATM), point of sale terminals (POS), factory automation equipment (FA) and more. Designed for high reliability, optimal visibility, and enhanced viewability, Mitsubishi Electric’s leading-edge TFT-LCD modules ensure optimum performance and excellent color quality in a broad range of indoor and outdoor operating environments. The technologies behind them bring us one step closer to the realization of true images with realistic color and clear visibility in sunlight.

Mitsubishi Electric has a range of lasers available, including a multi-mode semiconductor laser with a 638nm wavelength and 1W output(When pulse-driven) that provides highly visible, vibrant red colors for colour projects. Compared to LEDs, semiconductor lasers have lower power consumption, higher output and can be used with optical systems having a higher maximum aperture. These considerable advantages mean that they can be used for projectors that do not require focal adjustment.

Small TFT Displays from 2.8” to 7”
Medium TFT Displays 7.8” to 21.5”
Transceivers and receivers for datacom and telecom