Optotune Adaptive Optics

A pioneer in adaptive optics, Optotune has developed and patented a technology which has enabled a range of fast, electrically or manually tuned optical devices. Soft polymer-based materials are used to overcome the limits of hard glass and plastic components, providing a smart, low cost, high quality alternative to traditional optics. The range of focus tunable lenses and laser speckle reducers has applications including machine vision, lighting, laser processing, ophthalmology, microscopy and laser projection.

Optotune's patented technology enables a series of adaptive optical elements to imitate the principle of the human eye. These optical components are deformed by so-called artificial muscles (electroactive polymers, or EAPs). This tunability provides an additional degree of freedom, allowing significant simplification of many existing optical systems. Continuously adjustable focus tunable lenses facilitate optical zoom and autofocus for cameras of any size with no moving parts. This minimizes the size, weight and power consumption while offering better robustness.

Founded in 2008 near Zurich, Switzerland, Optotune offers a broad range of in-house expertise. The company’s core competence lies in the optoelectromechanical design of optical systems, in the understanding of materials and in the control of accurate and clean manufacturing processes.

Optotune's goal is to establish adaptive polymer based optics as a smart, low-cost, yet high-quality alternative to traditional optics. To see Optotune's range of focus variable lenses on our site, click here.